Securing Your WordPress Website For Beginners

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Securing Your WordPress Website For Beginners

Brittany Gates
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Securing Your WordPress Website For Beginners is a how-to guide that helps beginners secure their WordPress website easily using best-practices, tools, and various plugins instead of hiring an experienced professional.

The guide covers the following (not an exhaustive list):

  • Why to choose WordPress over other software
  • How to secure your web hosting account
  • Best practices for monitoring changes to your web hosting account
  • Securing your website's traffic with a SSL certificate
  • How to choose the proper SSL certificate depending on your needs
  • Securing your WordPress installation (core files, content, etc.)
  • What admin usernames to avoid
  • How to properly manage roles
  • The different backup tools and/or plugins you can use
  • How to find trusted themes and/or plugins
  • A list of the types of security plugins you should consider installing
  • And much more!
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